Starz of Tomorrow Baseball Academy

Starz of Tomorrow Birthday Baseball Bash

A baseball birthday party for the birthday boy in your baseball family!

Come celebrate & have fun in the biggest and best indoor baseball facility around @ the SCSU Husky Dome during the winter months or a local field or your house!

And it's not just baseball! We'll play the Johnny Whoop Game, the Game of Snaps, baseball trivia contest, player autographs, to go along with numerous other fun baseball themed activities

Commuter & Overnight options @ Grandstay Residential Suites with a pizza & pool party, breakfast & transportation

Birthday Baseball Bash

Call 320-333-3336 for details

Register online at:

Or mail this form with payment to Starz of Tomorrow:

PO Box 2063, St. Cloud, MN 56302

Pat Dolan: 320-333-3336

REGISTRATION Deadline: June 13th, 2022

Call 320-333-3336 for details: __$

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Statement of Release: I agree to release the Starz of Tomorrow Baseball Academy and all their employees of all liability related to accidents or injuries which may occur while participating in the above activity.  I also give permission for emergency medical procedures to be administered if I cannot be contacted in case of an emergency.

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